Processing Capacity

Durmark, at present, there are more than 140 sets of advanced processing, testing and measuring equipment.  Imported floor boring and milling machine, CNC gantry and vertical machining center, such as the main CNC precision and efficiency and large machining center more than 30 sets. Trilinear coordinates measuring instrument,  Laser interferometer and kinds of precision measuring instrument more than 10 sets.  Advanced processing equipment and precision testing instruments have provided a strong guarantee for the improvement of product quality and production efficiency.

Except equipment, Durmark pay attention to the popularization and application of information technology in the production process.  Through the SAP system, the capital flow, data flow and information flow in the whole process of product manufacturing are fully sorted out and effectively transmitted, and various aspects such as purchase, storage, production, sales, people, goods and other aspects are reasonably allocated and utilized. Through technical data and manufacturing effective whole stock transfer, asset inventory timely and dynamic monitoring, the entire production process generated by the integrity of data collection, to make every parts cost, cost of each work center, the cost of each order be clear at a glance, the production and operation of an enterprise to effectively control the cost, greatly enhance the market strain capacity.  


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