Use and Maintenance of Bending Machine


Use of Bending Machine

I. Boot Sequence

1. Turn on the main power switch and watch the power indicator light turn on. A kind of

2. After the iso-bender system starts and enters Delem operation interface, start according to the oil pump. 3. Press the startup button to find the reference points for Y and X axes respectively. After finding the reference points, the machine tool can run normally.
II. Graphic Programming
1. Press 1 in the edit key to confirm and enter the graphic programming state.
2. Enter the workpiece number and drawing number separately, and then enter the next menu after confirmation. A kind of
3. Input the thickness, material type, bending dimension, 1 internal dimension and 0 external dimension in the menu.
4. Enter the drawing desktop after confirmation, and input the dimensions of two-dimensional drawings and angles respectively. Among them, 90 degrees and 135 degrees can be moved by cursors. A kind of
5. After drawing, according to the configuration of the S8 mould under the system, the selected upper and lower die state is entered, and the selected die is consistent with the assembled die on the machine tool.
6. After choosing the die, press S8 to enter the simulated bending state, press S5 twice and then press END four times to exit.
III. Graphic editing (that is, the modification of graphics) steps are roughly the same as graphic programming.
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